In order to provide a predictable maintenance schedule to DPS users worldwide, the DPS PMO will be taking the DPS application offline starting at 1900 Central Time on Friday nights. The application will return to service once maintenance activities are completed. The specific times of scheduled maintenance will be identified in the DPS Advisory messages released by the TCJ9 prior to any activity.
Please ensure you are using your PIV (Authentication) Certificate when accessing DPS, Email/Signature Certificates are no longer supported per DoD Guidance. Additionally, we recommend Users clear their local browser cache at the end of each day to prevent caching errors when accessing DPS. Finally, please remember to use the new DPS Landing Page (https://dps.sddc.army.mil/cust/standard/user/home.xhtml) to login to DPS vice going through TEAMS.
We realize our customers have various browsers, operating systems, and devices available to them. In order to have the best experience when interacting with DPS, Internet Explorer 11 is the preffered browser using a laptop or desktop device. Customers can use Other Browsers or Devices, however, certain aspects of the application may encounter issues. The program is working to provide maximum browser flexibility.
The DPS Application will be transitioning to a new URL on 26 February 2021. The new URL will be https://dps.move.mil/cust. Please ensure you update your bookmarks and also ensure the new URL is approved through your local security to ensure you have access to DPS after the transition is made.
Application Notices
For system questions or support, please contact the System Response Center (SRC) via 1-800-462-2176 or usarmy.scott.sddc.mbx.g6-src-dps-hd@mail.mil.
For OCONUS users, please contact your local operator for DSN dialing instructions.
DPS Login Options
PII Disclaimer
This system contains information which must be protected IAW AR 340-21, The Army Privacy Program; Department of Defense (DoD) Directive 5400.11, DoD Privacy Program; The Privacy Act of 1974 as amended applies, and it is For Official Use Only (FOUO). It must be protected or privacy act information removed prior to further disclosure.